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As iF it's your lAst音译歌词


Because of you 歌手:By2I'm gonna be fine我会过得很好You left me alone你留我独自一人Can I heal the wounds myself我能自己抚平这创伤吗?So what can I do所以我能做什么And why did u come你又为何出现To make my heart beat for you让我...

Because of you 歌手:By2 I'm gonna be fine 我会过得很好 You left me alone 你留我独自一人 Can I heal the wounds myself 我能自己抚平这创伤吗? So what can I do 所以我能做什么 And why did u come 你又为何出现 To make my heart beat ...

《Never say good bye》

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